Yatanarpon Teleport


What is FTTX?

FTTX stands for Fiber-to-the-home. This means a fiber optic line is hooked directly to your home or business. Fiber optic line uses a thin strand of glass to transmit beams of light that carry an amazing amount of data. It’s this data we’ll use to deliver high-speed Internet.

What are the benefits of the FTTX network?

To offer faster Internet access at competitive prices to take advantage of future economic development opportunities.

Why are you building the FTTX network?

We need FTTX to offer the services and pricing our customers deserve and expect. The new technology will allow us to not only offer today’s telecommunication services, but those that become available in the future.

Will everyone be connected to the FTTX Network?

Our current plan is to connect all of our customers. Existing copper technology will be used to provide services until the fiber network is installed in your area.

What will the upload and download speed be for the FTTX network?

We will advertise speeds and pricing but custom circuits will be available to meet any speed requirement you may have.

Will it cost anything to have FTTX installed at our home or business?

There will be 120,000 Kyats for installation fees and 60000 Kyats for Annual fee. No additional cost for the installation of FTTX.

Will I need to purchase Optical Network Terminal (ONT)?

No. YTP will provide Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and all of your current equipment will work in conjunction with FTTX.

Will I need any additional hardware?

There is no requirement of any additional hardware.

How do I sign up for the new services offered by the FTTX network? For our existing customer:

We will contact all customers during the installation phase to make arrangements to connect your home or business to the network. During this time, you can let us know if you’d like the advanced features available with FTTX. You can also notify us by contacting our business office to sign-up for service at any time.

Will YTP employees need to enter my home?

Yes. For the last phase of the project an employee will need to enter your home to complete the installation for the FTTX network.

What equipment is needed in my home to be connected to the FTTX network?

We will install an ONT Device in your home. A battery backup device may be installed in some situations. The will need access to an electrical outlet, which will act as its power source. The amount of electricity used is extremely small.

Who will install the FTTX network?

Our YTP has carefully chosen LSP for the FTTx installation. YTP employees will assist in the installation process at your home or company.