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What is Metro Ethernet?

Metro Ethernet is the access service provided over the fiber optic cables between YTP’s metro network and the customer location. Metro Ethernet access service offers high-speed connection 1Mbps to 100Mbps. It also ensures transmission of all kinds of data, such as voice, data and video with high performance problem-free. The technological characteristics of fiber cables enables Metro Ethernet services to run problem-free in long distances.

What is symmetrical access?

Metro Ethernet has a symmetrical access structure. In symmetrical access, upload and download speeds are equal. To go into detail, in symmetrical connections the highest speed reached when transmitting data packages is the same for upload and download. We provide equal and high performance in both sending and receiving data. For example, in a 10-person company with intense e-mail traffic, a symmetrical line of 2 Mbps enables mail transmission to run with high performance and problem-free.

What are Metro Ethernet speed options?

Metro Ethernet service has a wide range of options from 1 Mbps to 50 Mbps. Also, with the various service options offered within this range, service bandwidth may be upgraded/ downgraded in a very short time depending on customer requirements.

Where is Metro Ethernet used?

Metro Ethernet services are ideal for organizations that cannot meet their business needs with xDSL services and wish to get access services that offer speedier, more secure and symmetrical connections. For example, e-commerce companies that market their products and services on the internet, corporations that provide a call center service, corporations running ERP applications, corporations having intense internet and mail traffic, and frequently using real time applications such as video conferences and IP TV prefer Metro Ethernet services.

What is the Metro Ethernet cabling cost?

In order to be able to provide Metro Ethernet service, fiber optic cables must be laid from the service provider’s metro network to the customer’s location. Especially in areas where offices and business centers are densely located, Metro Ethernet services can be provided over the present infrastructures without the need for a further cabling operation. YTP customers who prefer Metro Ethernet service with a commitment model do not pay any fee for cabling. In this case the cabling investment is made by YTP and this enables the customer to benefit from high performance and secure, symmetric access of Metro Ethernet services without any startup costs. Customers who do not prefer the commitment model bear the cabling cost themselves.

How does Metro Ethernet work?

In order, for Metro Ethernet service to work, a fiber connection and metro Ethernet switch hardware is required. Metro Ethernet services do not experience problems such as bandwidth or continuous follow-up. Additional hardware such as interconnect components, etc. used in old technologies is not needed in today’s Metro Ethernet technology. This, in turn, enables one to get a flexible and efficient access service that makes it possible to upgrade capacity easily and instantly when required, with less investment and operation cost.

Advantage of Metro Ethernet

The most important advantage of Metro Ethernet that sets it apart from other services is the fact that it can run problem-free over long distances. It can provide services over 50km. This distance is limited to 10km in copper lines. Another feature of Metro Ethernet is that, the fiber optic cables that present the infrastructure of Metro Ethernet services is much easier to maintain and repair than copper cables

Who prefer Metro Ethernet service?

Metro Ethernet service is preferred by organizations requiring high bandwidth, security and continuity in their business. Many companies from various sectors such as public, finance, health, education, tourism, logistics, etc. benefit from state-of-the-art metro Ethernet to increase productivity. Among these are public institutions, middle and large-sized private establishments, large hotels and tourism companies, health centers and hospitals, banks, finance institutions, plazas, shopping centers, universities, schools, training centers, and logistics companies, etc.

Which organizations is Metro Ethernet suitable for?

Metro Ethernet is the most suitable service for private companies and public institutions with multiple locations that have to access the headquarters, need high-speed bandwidth, require point-to-point or multiple point-to-point data transmission and internet at the same time.